Rekindling the hearts of Christchurch

By Lorrin Windahl.

There has been so much tragedy and destruction in Christchurch, over the last few years, as a result of several earthquakes. So, it is heartening to hear a positive story coming out about sustainability and new life.

I came across Rekindle in the latest edition of Green (a sustainable architecture and landscape design magazine). Rekindle are a social enterprise located in Christchurch who have been salvaging timber from those homes that have been torn down as a result of the earthquake’s destruction. From the salvaged timber they produce furniture, sculpture, interiors and jewellery.

Not only are they sustainable in terms of repurposing waste timber but also because of their intention to be a sustainable enterprise. They aim to reinvest their profits into the future of the industry by providing training and employment opportunities. And, by promoting good timber practices and the importance of undertaking meaningful activity.

It’s great to see the timber being salvaged and turned into pieces that are rich in both history and value. Great work guys.

Rekindle bracelets. Image courtesy of

Rekindle bracelets. Image courtesy of


Salvaged timber chairs by Rekindle. Photo by Adrian Malloch.


Sculpture created by Tim McGurk with waste timber. Image courtesy of

One Comment on “Rekindling the hearts of Christchurch

  1. Is there a way of contributing designs to this process. Could we scan or photograph a select group of materials and publish to cloud for global design community assistance.


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