Kids’ hospital gowns made cool.

By Lorrin Windahl.

Designer hospital gowns for sick kids. What a fantastic idea. It warms my heart. Surely it is the ultimate goal; to put a smile on a sick child’s face.  It seems so simple and logical it’s amazing that it isn’t already the norm. And I must say I’m pretty smitten with the project name, Ward+Robes. Very clever.

The Ward+Robes initiative is a joint effort by the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada and local Canadian artists and designers. According to BuzzFeed, they have already donated around 100 gowns to a local Ontario hospital for kids and teens so that they can feel more ‘themselves’ during their stay. And, not surprisingly, the gowns have been so well received by the young patients that they are now in discussions with over 130 hospitals throughout Canada.

Such a simple idea that has a massive impact. It’s the perfect example of socially responsible design. It would be great to see it adopted in more countries around the world. But, if you are not up to implementing the initiative in your neck of the woods, you can always design your own gown for the Canadian cause. Check out the designer’s guide here which has all the info you need to make your own gown and help to put a smile on a sick child’s face.

Find all the inspiration you’ll need below.


Images + video courtesy of Ward+Robes.

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