Altered:Nozzle, you make me all misty eyed

By Lorrin Windahl.

Such a simple, yet effective idea.  The Altered:Nozzle is the type of product that can change the world. Quite literally. I’m not being melodramatic either. Well, maybe a little. But seriously, this is an important product in water conservation.  Not only can it reduce domestic water use by 98%, when compared to ‘standard’ taps,  but it also retrofits so there’s no need to throw the old tap into landfill.

Water shortages are a reality and it’s not just in developing continents such as Africa. Australia regularly suffers shortages during our long summers. Our farmers seem to sustain droughts all too often and water restrictions in major cities are becoming the norm. Any water savings, even on a small domestic scale, could make a significant impact when accumulated per household.


The Altered:Nozzle saves water by offering a mist function that can be used for activities that don’t require a stream of water; such as cleaning your teeth or rinsing dishes. They achieve this by atomising the water into millions of droplets and thus decreasing the flow of water.

But don’t fear, if you need to fill a glass, or saucepan, you can still adjust the nozzle to create a steady stream. Even the stream is at a reduced flow rate of 75% compared to standard taps.

The nozzle retrofits to existing taps and comes in three different fitting types – standard, junior and tom thumb.



All images courtesy of Altered:Nozzle.

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