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Have We Reached Peak Minimalism?

Today, this could be anything from a media centre to a faucet.

By Joseph La Delfa. For the best part of a decade, minimalism has reigned supreme. Straight lines, rounded corners and golden ratios have found their way into every nook and cranny of product design. During this period of stylistic restraint,…

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Social Design is Slower Than You Think

A doctor with the D-Rev Brilliance unit, photo from the D-Rev website.

By Joseph La Delfa. Realistically, in the product design world there are any number of logistical concerns that can hamper a design. A designer will dodge, clear and sometimes run straight through these obstacles when taking an idea from design…

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Designer Profile 4: Cynthia E. Smith

By Lucy Smith. The Smithsonian Institute encompasses some of the best known and most reputable museums and galleries in the world.  The Institute was founded by the US government in 1846 “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge” and holds…

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Designer Profile 3 – William McDonough

By Lucy Smith. William McDonough has been famed as a ‘hero for the planet’ by Time magazine. The American designer, architect and author is certainly a worthy recipient of the endowment as a globally recognised leader in sustainable development.

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Designer Profile 2 – Paul Polak

By Lorrin Windahl. In my opinion, Paul Polak is a quiet achiever. His name may be more synonymous with sustainable design in the US, where the SRD movement is much larger, but here in Australia he is relatively unknown. So…

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Designer Profile 1 – Victor Papanek

By Lorrin Windahl. So I thought I’d include in this blog some profiles of people who have had a significant impact on socially responsible design. Who better to start with than the godfather of SRD, Victor Papanek.

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