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Category: Sustainable materials

Thoughtful toasters: solutions that address a lack of recycling

By Lorrin Windahl. The guys at The Agency of Design were quite surprised when they visited their local electrical goods recycling plant. The shock was that the bulk of the waste doesn’t get recycled. Steel and aluminium are recycled, plastic…

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Rekindling the hearts of Christchurch

By Lorrin Windahl. There has been so much tragedy and destruction in Christchurch, over the last few years, as a result of several earthquakes. So, it is heartening to hear a positive story coming out about sustainability and new life.

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Pulp – the green packaging alternative

By Lorrin Windahl. So I mentioned in a previous post that polystyrene foam, which has been used for many years as a good impact resistant packaging material, is slowly being outlawed worldwide due to its low sustainability credentials. So what…

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Cardboard coffins – an eco exit?

By Lorrin Windahl. A pretty morbid post I know but I’ve always been amazed at the elaborate and ‘over the top’ design of coffins when they are just put in the ground or, worse still, burnt. When you think about…

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Bagasse – not just a waste material

By Chris Morrish For a long time sugarcane crop has been harvested purely for its sweet sucrose. But now, with the increased development into sustainable bio-fuels, such as bio-ethanol and bio-diesel, demand for the fibrous grass has sharply increased.

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Corkin’ it up

By Lorrin Windahl. Well I’m happy to admit that I’m a recent convert to cork. I guess convert isn’t quite the right word, I just didn’t know what a fantastic material it is but now I do. I’ve been enlightened….

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