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ReWalk: technology developed for positive social impact

By Lorrin Windahl. Has technology had a detrimental impact on society? I think this is a highly contentious question but an important one. There is no denying that technology has driven social change. We no longer talk to strangers on the train or ask for…

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No minor Morris infatuation

By Libby Christmas. Designers aspire to produce products that will last. But in reality, we know that markets change and products are increasingly and rapidly superseded by newer and faster models. We therefore need to be mindful and plan for…

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VR app walks users in the shoes of people living with dementia

By Lorrin Windahl. Virtual Reality (VR) has historically been associated with gaming and perceived as a tool for leisure. So it is great to see the technology being used to improve lives and not just embellish them. Such is the case with…

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A green consumer checklist.

By Lorrin Windahl. Sustainability is a complicated beast. Even for the most well-informed designer it can be confusing. So how can we, as consumers, make better decisions about our purchases and their impact on our planet?

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Have We Reached Peak Minimalism?

Today, this could be anything from a media centre to a faucet.

By Joseph La Delfa. For the best part of a decade, minimalism has reigned supreme. Straight lines, rounded corners and golden ratios have found their way into every nook and cranny of product design. During this period of stylistic restraint,…

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Personal vs. Mass Production – The Impact of 3D Printing

By Chris Morrish. In 2013, 3D printing experienced a sharp increase in public interest.A barrage of click bait articles created a one-sided discussion, focused on what could be made for us in the comfort of our own homes. Learning from the past…

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Thought for Food global challenge

By Joe La Delfa. Thought for Food (TTF) is a community dedicated to solving the problems arising from the impending population boom both in developing and developed countries. They have partnered with Syngenta, a large Swiss agribusiness and a host of food…

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Cardboard Furniture; Brilliant yet Terrible

Chairgami's Cardboard Armchair (USA)

by Joe La Delfa. Cardboard furniture isn’t great for what it is, but for what it replaces. Browsing through search results for cardboard furniture yields nothing but praise. Design magazines, blogs and of course, cardboard furniture websites are feverishly throwing buzzwords at…

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Spiritree – giving life after death

By Lorrin Windahl. Death is a pretty morbid topic, one people often shy away from. But it is also the only certainty in life. We all die. Hopefully not until the very distant future though. And with the increasing size of…

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Link Festival Wrap Up 2015

By Joe La Delfa. Link Festival congregates people who have a passion for using design and technology to create positive social change. The focus this year was as much on global problems as it was on local problems.

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