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Cardboard Furniture; Brilliant yet Terrible

Chairgami's Cardboard Armchair (USA)

by Joe La Delfa. Cardboard furniture isn’t great for what it is, but for what it replaces. Browsing through search results for cardboard furniture yields nothing but praise. Design magazines, blogs and of course, cardboard furniture websites are feverishly throwing buzzwords at…

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Spiritree – giving life after death

By Lorrin Windahl. Death is a pretty morbid topic, one people often shy away from. But it is also the only certainty in life. We all die. Hopefully not until the very distant future though. And with the increasing size of…

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Link Festival Wrap Up 2015

By Joe La Delfa. Link Festival congregates people who have a passion for using design and technology to create positive social change. The focus this year was as much on global problems as it was on local problems.

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Is bamboo all it’s cracked up to be?

By Lorrin Windahl. It’s true that bamboo is a highly sustainable material which has increased in popularity recently for this very reason. It is seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, metal and even timber. But is it…

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Sustainable, unobtainable – is it just too hard?

By Lorrin Windahl. Sustainability is a minefield of myths and misconceptions. It is a complex world of factors that change from project to project, product to product. Each product is unique in its make-up and impact on the environment. No…

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Is being green always the right path?

By Lorrin Windahl. Back at the end of the last millennium, British actor and activist Joanna Lumley dreamed up an idea to create a garden bridge in memory of Princess Diana. That never eventuated and the years passed without the idea becoming much…

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Why aren’t product designers as valued as other creatives?

By Steve Martinuzzo. This is the face of one of IKEA’s most experienced designers, Ehlén Johansson. IKEA proudly credits their designers; throughout their business, in store, on the product packaging and even moulded into the products themselves. Their designers help…

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