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Personal vs. Mass Production – The Impact of 3D Printing

By Chris Morrish. In 2013, 3D printing experienced a sharp increase in public interest.A barrage of click bait articles created a one-sided discussion, focused on what could be made for us in the comfort of our own homes. Learning from the past…

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Google develops modular phone

By Lorrin Windahl. I wrote a while ago about the current trend of design for obsolescence. This is the design of products that are specifically designed to fail or become obsolete after a short period of time. A great example…

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3D printing – sustainable manufacturing?

By Lorrin Windahl. I came across this pretty cool use of 3D printing the other day – the Planter Brick. The idea behind the concept is that you can create a living wall with the planter bricks and because they…

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