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Freitag – compostable clothing

By Josh Henry. For many of us, our options when it comes to clothing disposal are fairly limited. Either drop it in the charity bin or send it to landfill. However with only 10% of donated clothes being used maybe…

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sleepbus – a mobile sanctuary for the homeless

By Lorrin Windahl. According to Homeless Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless each night in our land of sweeping plains. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. And it saddens me to think of anyone sleeping on the street during this bitterly cold winter. But Simon…

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Kids’ hospital gowns made cool.

By Lorrin Windahl. Designer hospital gowns for sick kids. What a fantastic idea. It warms my heart. Surely it is the ultimate goal; to put a smile on a sick child’s face.  It seems so simple and logical it’s amazing that…

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Glowee: lighting the way towards more sustainable illumination.

By Josh Henry. The concept of bioluminescent lighting has forever been toyed with. From children catching fireflies in jars to backyard algae kits, there has been the idea that light can be achieved through living organisms. With recent advances in…

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A green consumer checklist.

By Lorrin Windahl. Sustainability is a complicated beast. Even for the most well-informed designer it can be confusing. So how can we, as consumers, make better decisions about our purchases and their impact on our planet?

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The magic mushroom.

By Lorrin Windahl. Did you know that you can now grow your own product? I know, it sounds a bit backyard hippy meets mad inventor yeah? But it’s exactly what Ecovative are offering with their GIY Mushroom Material Kit. You can either place the material in your…

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