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Dawn of the Solar Age?

By Joe La Delfa. Mass adoption of solar energy has been ‘just over the horizon’ ever since it was first incorporated into architecture by Frank Bridgers and Don Paxton in 1956. Every significant innovation since then has been tentatively heralded…

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Don’t worry, it’s ‘recyclable’ – How the word now means as much as low fat and free range.

By Joe La Delfa. Once a beacon of environmental nobility in the ’80s, ‘recyclable’ has now become a label used to promote guilt free consumption. It’s an idea that helps the consumer avoid the speedbump of feeling guilty in between…

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The Story of Stuff

By Lorrin Windahl. A few years ago I did a short course at RMIT in sustainable design and life cycle assessment. It was during this course that I was first introduced to ‘The Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. It’s…

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