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No minor Morris infatuation

By Libby Christmas. Designers aspire to produce products that will last. But in reality, we know that markets change and products are increasingly and rapidly superseded by newer and faster models. We therefore need to be mindful and plan for…

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Design: Inclusive creativity, not individual genius.

By Steve Martinuzzo. From presidents to supermodels, famous sports stars to film idols, high flying CEOs to celebrity designers; it is starkly evident that today’s world is conditioned to believing that some individuals command almost superhuman abilities.

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Why is it so hard to succeed?

By Lorrin Windahl. I thought I’d share with you an article I read recently. It’s a couple of years old now but I think it’s still fairly relevant. The article, by Julie Lasky for Metropolis Magazine, is entitled ‘The (Limited)…

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Designer Profile 1 – Victor Papanek

By Lorrin Windahl. So I thought I’d include in this blog some profiles of people who have had a significant impact on socially responsible design. Who better to start with than the godfather of SRD, Victor Papanek.

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I’m here now but what is this really all about?

Welcome to our first post, well technically it’s our second but who’s actually counting. We’re pretty excited to have developed this blog so we can spill out all the socially responsible thoughts that are running around our heads and our…

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