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Cardboard coffins – an eco exit?

By Lorrin Windahl. A pretty morbid post I know but I’ve always been amazed at the elaborate and ‘over the top’ design of coffins when they are just put in the ground or, worse still, burnt. When you think about…

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Life Cycle Assessment Part 2: Reduce Your Product’s Environmental Impact

By Giles Matthews. Any well-adjusted person could quickly reason that by reducing a product’s environmental impact it will also correlate in sustainable financial benefits. And these benefits are unrelated to any environmental measures.  My job in the following short paragraphs…

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Product Life Cycle Assessment: Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

By Giles Matthews. A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a reporting method that quantifies the environmental impact of a particular product.  An LCA considers the product’s impact in terms of its: Resource recovery Manufacture Distribution & Sale Installation Use End…

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The Story of Stuff

By Lorrin Windahl. A few years ago I did a short course at RMIT in sustainable design and life cycle assessment. It was during this course that I was first introduced to ‘The Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. It’s…

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Designer Profile 1 – Victor Papanek

By Lorrin Windahl. So I thought I’d include in this blog some profiles of people who have had a significant impact on socially responsible design. Who better to start with than the godfather of SRD, Victor Papanek.

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