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Cardboard Furniture; Brilliant yet Terrible

Chairgami's Cardboard Armchair (USA)

by Joe La Delfa. Cardboard furniture isn’t great for what it is, but for what it replaces. Browsing through search results for cardboard furniture yields nothing but praise. Design magazines, blogs and of course, cardboard furniture websites are feverishly throwing buzzwords at…

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Why aren’t product designers as valued as other creatives?

By Steve Martinuzzo. This is the face of one of IKEA’s most experienced designers, Ehlén Johansson. IKEA proudly credits their designers; throughout their business, in store, on the product packaging and even moulded into the products themselves. Their designers help…

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IKEA: the global furniture giant shows its softer side

By Lorrin Windahl. IKEA is synonymous with affordable, flat packed furniture. The yellow and blue branding has become an icon of the modern consumer era and can be seen in many countries throughout the world. But, the good news is that the…

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