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Kids’ hospital gowns made cool.

By Lorrin Windahl. Designer hospital gowns for sick kids. What a fantastic idea. It warms my heart. Surely it is the ultimate goal; to put a smile on a sick child’s face.  It seems so simple and logical it’s amazing that…

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Empowering children to create change

By Lorrin Windahl. Change is often difficult. It takes time identifying the problem, coming up with a suitable solution and then actually implementing it. As adults we get set in our ways and are often reluctant to modify our behaviours….

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Organoid: freeform moulding of natural fibres

By Lorrin Windahl. The guys at Organoid Technologies have developed an interesting material process. They have worked out how to turn wood chips into freeform mouldings. And the wood chips that they source are residue from logging so they are…

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Design: Inclusive creativity, not individual genius.

By Steve Martinuzzo. From presidents to supermodels, famous sports stars to film idols, high flying CEOs to celebrity designers; it is starkly evident that today’s world is conditioned to believing that some individuals command almost superhuman abilities.

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The Story of Solutions

By Lorrin Windahl. A while back I posted about sustainability expert Annie Leonard and her video entitled ‘The Story of Stuff’. Just to jog your memory, it was a video about the impact consumerism is having on the world and…

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