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Olduvai Gorge Stone: 2 million year old product design

By Steve Martinuzzo. It’s hard to fathom that our early ancestors date back millions of years. And even harder to comprehend the rudimentary nature of their existence. But these facts are highlighted when we discover primitive artefacts. Artefacts, that although quite crude, are…

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Warming the littlest hearts

By Lorrin Windahl I love hearing about stories like this. Something that started with an idea in a classroom but developed into a realised product that is helping the most vulnerable be less vulnerable. That’s the story behind the Embrace Warmer developed…

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ReKixx: closed loop sneakers

By Lorrin Windahl. If you are looking for a stocking filler then this probably isn’t going to help. However, if you are happy to put a little note in the stocking saying their present will arrive next year, then it…

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Life Cycle Assessment Part 3: Reduce Your Product’s Environmental Impact

By Giles Matthews. My last post stepped into some heavy territory – reducing your product’s negative social impact. This post we’ll grapple with the equally dense issue of reducing your product’s environmental impact.

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Product Life Cycle Assessment: Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

By Giles Matthews. A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a reporting method that quantifies the environmental impact of a particular product.  An LCA considers the product’s impact in terms of its: Resource recovery Manufacture Distribution & Sale Installation Use End…

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