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Organoid: freeform moulding of natural fibres

By Lorrin Windahl. The guys at Organoid Technologies have developed an interesting material process. They have worked out how to turn wood chips into freeform mouldings. And the wood chips that they source are residue from logging so they are…

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Vinylize: records into eyewear

By Lorrin Windahl. I’m all for the re-purposing of materials and products that would otherwise spend a long time breaking down in landfill.  Sometimes though, the quality of these ‘re-purposes’ is a little questionable. But not with the guys who…

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The dirty truth about recycling

By Lucy Smith. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told to recycle. As a child I recollect asking why I should do this and being told, ‘because it’s good for the environment’. Many years on when the…

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