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Thoughtful toasters: solutions that address a lack of recycling

By Lorrin Windahl. The guys at The Agency of Design were quite surprised when they visited their local electrical goods recycling plant. The shock was that the bulk of the waste doesn’t get recycled. Steel and aluminium are recycled, plastic…

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For a product to succeed, being “green” isn’t enough

By Alistair McCaskill (Guest contributor from The Switch Report). In the last couple of years I’ve interviewed the owners and managers of over 45 companies that are each contributing in some way to the move towards a more sustainable way…

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Designer Profile 2 – Paul Polak

By Lorrin Windahl. In my opinion, Paul Polak is a quiet achiever. His name may be more synonymous with sustainable design in the US, where the SRD movement is much larger, but here in Australia he is relatively unknown. So…

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