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Pinatex – an ethical leather alternative

By Lorrin Windahl. Leather. Like it or not it results in┬áthe death of the animal. Some may argue that it is the by-product of the meat industry and therefore a kind of recycling of a waste product. But others are…

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A green consumer checklist.

By Lorrin Windahl. Sustainability is a complicated beast. Even for the most well-informed designer it can be confusing. So how can we, as consumers, make better decisions about our purchases and their impact on our planet?

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Sustainable, unobtainable – is it just too hard?

By Lorrin Windahl. Sustainability is a minefield of myths and misconceptions. It is a complex world of factors that change from project to project, product to product. Each product is unique in its make-up and impact on the environment. No…

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The Story of Solutions

By Lorrin Windahl. A while back I posted about sustainability expert Annie Leonard and her video entitled ‘The Story of Stuff’. Just to jog your memory, it was a video about the impact consumerism is having on the world and…

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The great debate: reusable vs disposable nappies

By Lorrin Windahl. I’ve recently had my first child and, being very aware of the impact I have on the environment, I have been faced with a dilemma – reusable or disposable nappies. And I thought the timing of this…

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