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The magic mushroom.

By Lorrin Windahl. Did you know that you can now grow your own product? I know, it sounds a bit backyard hippy meets mad inventor yeah? But it’s exactly what Ecovative are offering with their GIY Mushroom Material Kit. You can either place the material in your…

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CocoForm – a sustainable packaging alternative

By Lorrin Windahl. Every now and then a new material comes along that I get a little excited about and try to imagine what product I could use it on. Such is the case with CocoForm, a new material made from coconut…

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Pulp – the green packaging alternative

By Lorrin Windahl. So I mentioned in a previous post that polystyrene foam, which has been used for many years as a good impact resistant packaging material, is slowly being outlawed worldwide due to its low sustainability credentials. So what…

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Sustainable packaging

By Lorrin Windahl. When we think of product packaging we often think of polystyrene foam, cardboard and plastic bags. All of which when you have unwrapped the product go into the garbage or, at best, the recycling bin. But this…

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